Envision Your Home

Toy HouseAs I am progressing through my Simple Summer challenge, I find myself a little unsure of my ultimate goal. Yes, I want a well functioning, decluttered home, but what does it actually look like?

No matter if you are trying to take-on the whole house, one room, or a corner of a room, it is important to know where you are going with your efforts. I think that sometimes we have these vague ideas in our mind of what we want our home to look like, but without a more clearly thoughtout goal how are we going to reach it?

One of the things I did with my kiddos before we ever started decluttering was to ask them to envision what they wanted their rooms to look like. I had them close their eyes (the hardest part of the whole thing) and try to picture their ideal room. It was a fun experiment, and I think it worked very well. Each one of my big kids had at least one thing they said that surprised me. There were two comments that really threw me for a loop:

“I want to be able to fit all of my toys in my room, and nothing extra in the basement.”

“I wish my room didn’t have a bright colored curtain. I would like more white.”

The first statement was from the child who doesn’t like to get rid of anything! This just goes to show that kids do like order and organization. They get it: clutter is bad.

The second comment was from “Miss Pink.” Starting from toddler-hood she has always loved pink. I thought she would keep a bright pink curtain up as long as humanly possible. Somehow she knew that having something that was ¬†visually obtrusive added to that cluttered feel.

If nothing else, this exercise got the kids on-board with Mom’s crazy “Get rid of (almost) everything plan“. They can see that there are some good points to clearing out all the excess.

One of the other perks to stopping to envision how you want your house to be is it allows you to see that when you compare your dream house to hubby’s there might be some discrepancies. It is so frustrating to work hard, trying to obtain this fantastic goal, just to realize that it looks nothing like what your husband wanted. This will give you both a chance to talk it through before all the hard work is put in.

As I move on to the next room to declutter I am going to stop and envision what I plan to use the room for, what do I need in the room to accomplish this, and what kind of feel I want the room to have.

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