A Simple Summer: In the Family Room

I feel like I cheated on my assignment today; it was far too easy. Since I just finished the kitchen, I wanted to tackle the family room next. Although we have a large great room, it doesn’t have a lot of need to be decluttered. We mostly just have furniture and not a lot of stuff. In times past, we would let the kids have a bucket or box of toys in the family room, but we haven’t done that lately. It just makes decluttering the room all the easier.

I mainly focused on decorations. Somehow we had accumulated lots of little decorations My family roomand momentos on our shelves. I quickly assessed and removed unnecessary items. Even though decorations are not in the way, I think they can add to the cluttered feel of the room.

Over the last few months we got rid of our couch and love seat, and replaced them with two rockers. Our couch was very comfy, and caused us to slouch. With our new rockers we sit up straighter, and have less back pain and better posture. It also let us get away from the numerous chemicals put in couches, between the foam and flame retardants. I have the materials to make floor cushions for the kids (soon, I hope).We, also have an antique formal couch for when we have guests.

To help keep our little ones out of trouble, we have made a few adjustments. We purchased an armoire desk, with doors. (We were able to get it used on Craigslist. I am such a sucker for good deals!) It keeps things nicely contained, and unaccessible to little hands. We, also, don’t have regular coffee tables. We have had countless injuries from them over the years. Instead, we have a small table, that sits between our rockers, as a coffee table. Once again, it prevents lots of messes.

Well, because it was so easy today, I guess I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow.

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